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“Absolutely. Leslie McGwire ASID Allied worked with us each step of the way—starting with the floor plan, all the way through completion of the project. We for sure wouldn’t have arrived at our current floor plan without Leslie’s thoughts and comments.

She planted a lot of seeds we would’ve otherwise missed. It was also helpful to tell Leslie, big picture, how we wanted the store to feel, and then have her come back to us and say, okay, here are the three or four floor samples you should consider. Or the three or four paints colors to look at.

There are hundreds of options for each of those selections, so being able to narrow it down immediately, and focus on what is best suited for us, saves lots of time and energy.”

—Michael Page, Head of Development and Long-Term Strategic Growth, Hingham Jewelers

“Leslie, thank you for all your efforts to make this beautiful renovation happen. We truly appreciate your collaboration and hard work!!!”
—Dave Page, Owner of Hingham Jewelers

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