Salon Evo

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West Bloomfield, Michigan

According to McGwire, the transformation of Salon Evo was both a fun and exciting process from the very first first day …

“The owners came to me for their first design meeting from a referral. I had done a large salon design for one of their friends. They came in to the meeting wanting to design their dream salon and did not know where to begin,” she said. “They were very overwhelmed and the meeting gave them confidence and direction to move ahead.”

Aside from pointing Phillips and Fair in the right direction with furniture and equipment purchases, they both agree it was McGwire’s ability to listen to their ideas, understand that they had two very different tastes and still be able to bring the design elements of the salon together to match their personalities perfectly that helped make the project a success. Leslie met with Phillips and Fair to discuss all of their wishes for the space …

One of the most important design elements in the salon is the beautiful custom made styling stations. The style stations feature a dark brown cabinet, brown chairs with chrome accents and beautiful oversized mirrors with an ornate patterned frame. Perhaps the largest focal point in the salon is the gorgeous multiple crystals with a black shade chandelier that centers over the reception desk and can be seen from every angle of the salon. Chandeliers are the hottest accessories in salons today. It is a residential touch that clients love that makes them feel at home.

The overall design was very different from other salon designs that McGwire had done in her 16 years of salon and spa design. The words that best describe the space would be eclectic, artsy, warm and colorful. The result is a professional-looking, functional salon space that incorporates deep browns with soft muted blues. The guest seating area includes dark brown leather chairs mixed with blue chairs, which contrast nicely with the brown and swirling blue patterned area rug. The front desk is also a dark brown offset by a beautiful chandelier that incorporates all the colors found throughout the salon. Light, sheer beige drapes inset into the front windows off create a very elegant feel. And the eclectic blend of furnishings gives a great first impression. The waiting area for the salon has trendy but comfortable waiting chairs that make clients feel like they are in an upscale salon as soon as they walk in.

One of the design elements that is unique to Salon Evo is the paint colors. At the front of the salon warm beiges and a blue/gray hue are used. Some of the other walls in the front are painted in a fresh green color. The neutral beige paint throughout the main part of the salon keeps the décor’s general feeling fresh and bright. The walls are highly textured and also serve as a focal point. And the accessories are the perfect finishing touch, complementing the unique overall design. Lighting was also very important, as the salon needs both task lighting and overall lighting for the space. Due to the darker blue tone colors on the walls, we had to order more lights. This created a very dramatic atmosphere within the salon. The MR-16 light bulb in the retail space makes the products shine with very white light. The lighting design for the retail area was key to make the products sell. However, it is very important to keep the lighting dim in the shampoo room in general but to beam the correct bulb straight down onto the client’s hair so that stylists can see what they are doing. The calming feeling of the room helps clients to completely relax while receiving a head massage or while being shampooed.

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