November 12, 2012,

Today’s savviest entrepreneurs know that to navigate their way to success in business, a roadmap is a necessity. But, you also can’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions along the way.

No matter what your journey is, having a salon or spa coach or consultant by your side can help you stay on course as you grow your salon to the next level. The right consultant can improve your culture, communicate your brand, green your processes, design your next space, hone your leadership skills, trim your costs, grow your clientele, or boost your bottom line.

In this third annual Coaches & Consultants Guide, SALON TODAY introduces you to 20 salon and spa coaches and consultants who can offer you their own expert guidance. While each has a unique area of professional focus—from financial to compensation to employee motivation and more— each specializes within the salon and spa industry. They understand salon business, and their advice considers all the complicated caveats of salon ownership. In other words, they get it.

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