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Although husband, father and co-founder Mike Koerber passed away, his blueprint for success lives on.

Ask Jacquelyn Koerber what she learned from her parents about the jewelry business and she’ll say, “Everything.”

Jacquelyn grew up in the family’s jewelry business, but detoured to New York after college, where she worked in fashion for seven years.

When she returned to Indiana to join her parents, Mike and Felecia, at Koerber’s, they were planning their dream destination store and Jacquelyn was eager to settle in and learn everything she could from them about business management, customer service and continuing a family tradition of integrity and hospitality.

“I always joked that Koerber’s was my mom’s third baby,” Jacquelyn says. It seemed to be a living, breathing being, imbued with her parents’ warmth and gratitude.

For Jacquelyn, there was much to emulate.


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