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There’s no place like home, unless it’s your local jewelry store.

JEWELRY STORE OWNERS OFTEN say they welcome customers into their store as if they are welcoming them into their home. If you want shoppers to truly feel at home, it’s time to make your store look and feel more like it is a home.

The jewelry store marketplace is changing, and the interior design world is responding to these dynamics. The work, live, and play communities designed for today’s mobile, multitasking lifestyles are driving this change, making sterile, commercial environments look and feel out of touch. We are blurring the lines between our working, social and private selves—and interior design is evolving to meet this changing concept of what retail should be.We all want to shop in a store that is more warm and welcoming than stuffy and cold. Coffee shops, casual restaurants, hotels and other retail locations are being designed with a residential touch. Jewelry stores are no exception.

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