October 29, 2015 from The Gonzales Cannon [gonzalescannon.com]

When in high school, Paul Edward Neuse needed a job. Story Jewelers, Inc. had an opening, so he went to work there. According to him, he had no interest in jewelry at that time, nor was he thinking of any specific career.
After high school Neuse earned a BBA in accounting at Texas State University. For several years he worked as a Certified Public Accountant, in the Houston area. He was interested in the business world, not specifically in jewelry — still; but, no knowledge ever goes to waste.
Neuse’s attention was piqued at the news that Storey Jewelers was for sale. He decided to purchase the building — and later — the business.  Neuse’s parents encouraged him in this endeavor.  With some background in jewelry, he attended school to learn clock and watch repair as well and since that time, Neuse has become an accomplished fine jeweler and an astute business owner.
Neuse said he is not content to coast along on his present accomplishments, so he continues to expand his knowledge at jeweler events all over the country and as far away as Antwerp, Belgium.
What jewel is the jeweler most fond of?  If one asked him what jewel to buy as a gift, he’d suggest the diamond.
“This is a jewel of affection like no other,” Neuse said. “It is a milestone in one’s life and becomes an element of significance for many years.”
Neuse is no stranger to Gonzales.  He, along with his parents and grandparents, have made their homes.  Neuse is married to, Diane (Gretzmeir) Neuse. The couple has two daughters in college.  Elizabeth Marie attends Baylor University, where she majors in economics and accounting – although she may follow in her father’s footsteps; Brooke, their younger daughter attends Texas State University, where she is studying to become a teacher.  The Nueses like to travel and has broadened their horizons in Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, England, and Ireland — and closer to home in Los Angeles and Niagara Falls.
Neuse is now embarks on a new venture.  Neuse will be opening a new store, on November 23, 2014, in a brand-new building – he himself designed – at Gonzales Marketplace.

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