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Each year Salon Today publishes the best salon and spa design awards. Salon Today invited Leslie McGwire™ to be one of six judges to evaluate each salon. It was an honor for Leslie to be chosen to judge the latest design work of some of the industry’s hottest interior designers.

Leslie’s reviews of each of the winners as well as the link in Salon Today to learn more about each winner are below:

Posh Hair Studio

Location: Kew Gardens, New York
Award: Grand Prize Winner
Salon style: modern, sleek, upscale boutique

“Everything about the sleek and modern design is outstanding! The architectural details and the idea of the waves and curls of human hair is just amazing.”

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Anthony Cristiano

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Award: 1st Runner Up 2013
Salon style: chic, elegant, boutique

“Love the white &hellip very chic and it adds an elegant look to the space. The styling stations and chairs are beautiful together.”

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Matthew Morris Salon & Skincare

Location: Denver, Colorado
Award: 2nd Runner Up 2013
Salon style: rustic luxury, urban chic, re-purposed materials

“The refurbished railroad carts and vintage railroad wheels creates and artistic mixture of contemporary design and the use of sustainable items to its fullest. The expression of the entire space is one of a kind design.”

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Hair Peace Salon & Spa featuring The Lounge Barbershop & Shave Parlor

Location: Owosso, Michigan
Award: 3rd Runner Up 2013
Salon style: rustic elegance

“The private shampoo room with the dim lights is a nice design element for a getaway from the busy atmosphere of the salon. The suspended mirrors on the station gives the design a rustic but modern edge.”

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Aquae Sulis Salon & Spa

Location: Saint George, Utah
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: modern, contemporary, upscale

“The modern and industrial look of the salon fits any age group.”

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Panache Salon & Spa

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: European flair, modern, sophisticated

“The first impression when walking into the space is a very well-designed retail boutique. It’s very inviting and easy to shop and see the products with the illumination.”

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Pin Curls

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: vintage glam, upscale chic, welcoming

“I like the modern twist of Hollywood glamour throughout the space — they did a wonderful job mixing the upscale feeling for their fashion-aware clients.”

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Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: urban coastal retreat

“Retail design and look is very easy to shop and looks like you are in an art gallery. Love the white and lights. Shampoo chairs are beautiful, and the birds are a very creative way to give the back wall lots of emphasis.”

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The Refresh Bar & Spa

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: contemporary, upscale, Beverly Hills in the suburbs

“The shape of the blowout bar works perfect with the architecture of the building. The sliding glass doors are well designed for separation of the blowout bar and lobby.”

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Jon Alan Salon

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: contemporary, upscale, pop

“The ‘theater in the round’ idea for the floor plan works well with the drop ceiling design.”

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Artistic Image Salon & Blow Dry Bar

Location: Westport, Connecticut
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: chic, eclectic

“The light fixtures over the blow dry bar chairs gives the space an upscale look.”

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Bijin Salon & Spa

Location: Prairie Village, Kansas
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: sophisticated

“The wall covering in the shampoo room gives an element of surprise creating a very edgy and trendy look.”

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Cortello Salon

Location: Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Award: Salon of the Year 2013
Salon style: modern, upscale, beach

“Love the color bar, the blowdry bar and the lather lounge.”

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