The Centurion []

In a perfect world, businesses would be able to take customers by the hand and show them different jewelry around their retail spaces. These customers would see everything that the businesses wanted to show them, in the order in which they were best seen.

Each of these customers would feel right at home and having had an outstanding shopping experience, would love to come again. Such personalized guidance is not always possible in the real world, particularly for large jewelry stores with many store spaces visited by many customers a day. A carefully layout design crafted, however, can guide customers around a store and provide an enjoyable experience that encourages a connection between those customers and the business. That connection has the potential to become stronger with every visit to that jewelry store space. The stronger the relationship connection, the greater the potential for sales growth and customer loyalty. Be sure to consider the following components of jewelry store layout designs before planning a new space or remodeling out an existing one.

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