The Centurion []

Improved sales per square foot:

Jewelry interior designers are specialized in improving the new store’s image and functionality to help increase the flow and physical footprint. The objective is to enhance the store’s productivity by optimizing the use of the space, fixtures, store layout and merchandise while keeping an artistic and creative eye to increase sales per square foot.

Increase retail conversion rate:

Jewelry interior designers aim at redefining, reinventing the brand, creating a sense for individuality and authenticity. The interior design focuses on creating a stronger connection with the customers coming into the store increasing conversion rate by turning customers into buyers. The store becomes an experiential and interactive space where technology and aesthetics merge providing customers with convenience, experience, and personalization. In a post-pandemic climate, this also means providing the customers with a safe environment, a strategic path across the store and product display so the customer feels secure to walk around the store and are encouraged to purchase.

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