February 2014, Mid-America Jewelry News

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is a saying that you have likely heard many times. However, this is an especially important concept when it comes to the interior design of a jewelry store. Every time a customer walks through the door, their first impression causes them to form an immediate opinion about your business based on the environment that they experience. In just a few seconds, customers will decide if your business is a well-designed, professional establishment. It is important that your interior design is keeping up with current trends.

Many jewelry store owners understand the importance of overall interior design. However, the design of space and the correct traffic flow is often overlooked. Jewelry store case placement is extremely important in helping the jewelry store increase its bottom line. The overall presentation of the entire layout affects the customer’s desire to purchase jewelry during his or her visit. Therefore, the jewelry store presentation image cannot be underestimated on how it directly affects a customer’s desire to purchase jewelry. It often takes a few interior design changes or updates to start increasing sales.

Incorporate emotions
The store image should have the interior design elements that cause customers to feel an emotional need to buy. As you all know, giving clients the ability to use more of their five senses to look, touch, and feel the jewelry are all essential to close the emotional purchase.

Pay attention to the overall presentation
Be sure to choose each design element in your store carefully. This includes choosing the correct placement and color of cases, wall colors, flooring, product lighting and placement.  All these interior design perspectives contribute to a comfortable buying environment.

Lighting the interior of a jewelry store
Correct lighting in a jewelry store is critical to business success. This includes the incorporation of backlighting, and lighting of shelves to attract customers’ eyes to the products. The overhead and jewelry cases lighting is critical for customers’ buying patterns. The end result is that poor lighting tends to lead to the loss of potential sales.

Reconsider placement
There are new standards of placement when it comes to planning out jewelry case space and customer traffic flow. It is similar to the layout used by high-end department stores. Interior design trends are constantly changing.  Also, think about the placement of products within the area. For instance, studies have shown that when customers enter a space, they walk to the right first. Consider putting your best selling merchandise on the customer’s right. Or you may want to put your best selling products towards the middle or back of the store, so that customers look at everything else before grabbing their favorite piece of jewelry.

It only takes a few small design changes to make a big difference in your business.

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